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At Chilakos Consulting Ltd., we think beyond the numbers and comprehend the true business matter at hand. Our ability to identify substance over form, along with our strong financial, accounting and analytical skills makes us the perfect match for insurance and adjusting companies or policyholders engaged on either side of a complex insurance claim.

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Chilakos Consulting Ltd. Effectively Quantifies Insurable Financial Losses and Economic Damages

More often than not, a company's operation is negatively impacted by the unexpected occurrence of natural disasters, mechanical breakdowns or other catastrophic events. These types of incidents frequently result in significant financial losses or economic damages for the company and involve complex insurance claims.

Chilakos Consulting Ltd. has extensive experience in the handling of such insurance related matters and has worked on behalf of leading commercial insurers and adjusters as well as policyholders throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. Chilakos Consulting Ltd. effectively analyzes, measures and quantifies insurable losses resulting from:

  • Fire
  • Water Damage / Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Electrical Disturbance
  • Theft
  • Employee Dishonesty

Insurance Services Practice Areas

Using a collaborative approach, Chilakos Consulting Ltd. effectively quantifies insurable financial losses and economic damages relating to the following practice areas:

  • Loss of gross profits / earnings
  • Contingent business interruption losses
  • Increased costs of working
  • Extra expenses
  • Expediting expenses
  • Subrogated claims
  • Product liability / poor workmanship
  • Employee dishonesty claims
  • Property damages (building, equipment, stock and contents)
  • Product recall